Bacchus Kriek 375ml

Bacchus Kriek 375ml

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Bacchus Kriek is a premium cherry-flavoured Belgian fruit beer from Brouwerij van Honsebrouck in Flanders. Distinctive in taste, Bacchus Kreik is made by adding Morello cherries to the Bacchus Oudbruin base. A perfect balance of sweet and sour, Bacchus Kreik boasts crisp almond and caramel notes, set off by a sour kick from the juicy Morello cherries.

This instantly recognisable Flemmish beer is covered in paper adorned with cherries and the infamous Bacchus branding. A real thirst quencher, Bacchus Kreik is refreshing with a signature sour kick!

Bacchus Kreik is best enjoyed chilled, and is great with baked alaska with a cherry coulis.

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