Hope Underdog Hoppy Lager 440ml

Hope Underdog Hoppy Lager 440ml

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A modern, hybrid style lager. The malts and the yeast we use are traditional, but the hops are not. We use lager malt and other European malt such as Munich malt for flavour, and we use a classic German lager yeast: a strain originally isolated from the oldest brewery in the world. We also use modern American hops for flavour, such as Citra, El Dorado, and Mosaic, furthermore we use the dry hopping technique which is associated with IPAs rather than lager. Underdog hoppy lager is the result. A beer that has a clean and refreshing flavour, with a modern citrussy and tropical hoppy punch.

Tasting Notes
Clean, crisp, subtle. Citrus fruit flavours dominate from the hops with a medium bitterness in the finish. This is balanced by a biscuity malt flavour. Hints of mango and slightly resinous bitterness in the finish.

When it comes to food pairing it’s a brilliant all-rounder, great with BBQs, pizza, spicy foods like curries and for anybody who doesn’t like wine with their food.

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