Roses Farm Malic Malus Sour Cider 500ml

Roses Farm Malic Malus Sour Cider 500ml

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Low tannin, crisp sour, and refreshing. I recently became fond of sour beers and could not for the life of me find a sour cider. This is despite the Armagh Bramley apple having a famously high malic acid content. This cider is made from 100% Armagh Bramley apple picked on our farm. Its low tannin content produces a more refreshing, less domineering taste.

Malic Malus is made sour by the natural high malic acid content of the Armagh Bramley(pgi) apples used to make it. Its name is in reference to this acid and the latin name for for the apple genera, Malus.

The pink vertical line intersected by 5 horizontal lines, is the ogham letter “ceirt” which means apple tree. ogham is an ancient Irish alphabet, often referred to as the tree alphabet. Oghams usage is as old as apples in armagh. The first record of an armagh apple dating back to 1000 BCE.

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